Continuing Education Application and Research Center (Atlas SEM) organizes short and long-term training programs in order to gain the needed qualified human resources in all areas where the University operates, and in this direction, by providing research, development, expertise, consultancy and project services, the University's public and private contributes to the development of cooperation with the sector, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.

Fields of activity of Atlas SEM:

¬ To organize certificate programs, workshops and workshops within the framework of the relevant legislation,

¬ Organizing special programs for companies,

¬ To open vocational courses within the framework of the relevant legislation,

¬ Organizing in-service training and specialization training programs,

¬ Organizing distance education (online and offline) programs,

¬ Organizing conferences, seminars, summits and similar academic events,

¬ To carry out educational consultancy services.